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As breeders we have a responsibility to make sure our pups go to loving homes that will be able to dedicate the time and provide a certain standard of living for their entire lives. You can also have all the money in the world but not be the right fit to integrate one of our furbabies (or any dog) into your life. We have created this questionnaire (scroll below) that will give us some initial information about you and then we will reach out via phone, text, video call or email and can see if we can be of assistance. If for any reason it isn’t a good fit, we may be able to refer you to another breeder that more closely aligns with your frenchie goals. 

PLEASE do not take it personally, we do not think we are “better than anyone” we are just picky as it helps us sleep at night knowing we did everything we can to protect these little furchildren. When we have a litter we take a direct roll in their lives full time. Everything from being hand fed from an early age, to an early start on grass pad potty training, to bite redirection/inhibition training, to socialization with our other pets. They don’t leave our sight for 8 weeks and a whole lot of love goes into their care. 

We take pride in our pups putting their best paw forward 🙂

Please also be patient, we have businesses and careers and aren’t always available to respond, or in the case of having a new litter we haven’t slept more than 2 hours at a time for 2-3 weeks. We will always respond ASAP. 

Thanks for taking the time to read and fill this out, it means a lot to us and our pups. 

vancouver Bulldogs

***Important: Please fill out every field to the best of your ability. In the case the question isn’t applicable type n/a ***if you miss a field the form will not allow you to submit it***

The forms looks longer than it is so don’t be scared lol. Let’s take the time to see if these pups are a good fit for your life. 

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Pet Experience: Past Present and Future

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